Sport Fantasy Introduction
Soccer is known as the king of sport. It is loved by all classes, ages and genders. There are nearly 4 billions soccer fans in the world. And now, the most awaited soccer event on the planet - World Cup - is coming very close. In this huge event, we will bring to you a SAFE way to earn a lot of rewards WITHOUT ANY RISK of losing money: Sport Fantasy.

What is Sport Fantasy?

Sport Fantasy is an ecosystem built on Web3.0 platform with the central token $SFS (Prediction game, NFT Card game, BUSD reward)
Our Dapp allows all soccer fans around the world to predict every matches from all leagues (currently a testnet version) and earn a lot of rewards. Users have to hold 600 $SFS in thier decentralized wallets to start predicting.
Overtime, holders can start using $SFS to buy their favourite super star NFT card, build up their dream team to compete with other players in our own league. The more skilled you are, the more rewards you will get.
Soccer fans will experience the wonderful feelings of predicting for their favorite team, or favorite player when watching the matches. Can participate in competitions, winning in matches and earn attractive rewards. Everything will be unlimited with Sport Fantasy.
Last modified 4mo ago